Sanctions Screening API
API Request

API Request

Each API request must contain authentication in the form of an apiKey request parameter or header, and the list of cases to be screened.

You can optionally specify which sanction lists to screen against with the sources parameter.

The minScore setting tells the API the minimum similarity score required for a match to be returned. More here on the minScore setting.


Required Content Type Header
A Content-Type header of application/json is required. Learn more about Conent-Type Headers (opens in a new tab).

Request Object


apiKey string REQUIRED
Your organization's unique API key. Note This may also be passed via apiKey header.

minScore integer DEFAULT 95
The minimum similarty score of results to be returned. In other words, only matches with a similarty score greater than or equal to minScore will be included in the result set.
Only values between 80 and 100.
A minScore of 95 is recommended.

sources string array
Specifies which sanction lists to screen against in the form of an array of sanction list ID codes.
See Data Sources for a listing of all sanction lists and their ID codes.
Example: a value of ["SDN", "EU"] will screen against the OFAC SDN and EU Financial Sanctions lists.

types string array
Entity type filter. Only these entity types will be screened.
Possible values: person, organization, vessel, aircraft.

cases array of case objects
The case or cases to be screened. Note Maximum of 500 cases for batch requests.

Case Object string REQUIRED
Full name of the entity being screened.

case.externalId string RECOMMENDED
An ID or index number used to map search results back to search cases in batch requests.

If provided, the externalId field is copied to the search result allowing it to be mapped back to the search case it is rlated to.
If externalId is not provided, mapping may done using the name field, which may be problematic if 2 cases have the same name.

case.type enum
The type of entity.
Possible values: person, organization, vessel, aircraft.
Note Providing this field does not enable filtering on type. To filter based on type, use the top level types parameter.

case.dob date
Date of birth.
Format: YYYY-MM-DD

case.gender string
Possible values m, f, male, female

case.citizenship string

case.nationality string

case.phoneNumber string
Phone number

case.emailAddress string
Email address

case.cryptoId string
Crypto wallet ID

case.address Address

Address Object

address.address1 string
address.address2 string
address.address3 string
address.address4 string string
address.stateOrProvince string
address.postalCode string string

identification array of Identification objects
An Identification can represent any form of ID. For example - passport, tax ID (TIN), drivers license, social credit ID, military ID, etc.
Note Identification items are screened based on idNumber and country, while type is provided for additional context. Therefore a sanction match may be returned with a matching idNumber but different a type value.

Identification Object

idNumber string
type string
country string

Request JSON
    "apiKey": "your-api-key",
    "minScore": 95,
    "sources": [
    "types": [
    "cases": [
            "name": "string",
            "externalId": "string",
            "type": "individual",
            "dob": "YYYY-MM-DD",
            "gender": "string",
            "citizenship": "string",
            "nationality": "string",
            "phoneNumber": "string",
            "emailAddress": "string",
            "cryptoId": "string",
            "address": {
                "address1": "string",
                "address2": "string",
                "city": "stringgo",
                "stateOrProvince": "string",
                "postalCode": "string",
                "country": "string"
            "identification": [
                    "type": "string",
                    "idNumber": "string",
                    "country": "string"