This documentation covers the current version of's web services which provide sanctions search and screening for use in KYC, AML and other compliance requirements.

Below you will find descriptions of the API services, common examples, code resources and a quick start guide.

General Information

The Sanctions Screening API screens individuals, entities, vehicles and IDs against the sanctions database using Fuzzy Logic to determine similarity and returns sanction report and match summary for any matches found.

Quick start

To quickly get started, ensure you have an active API key and review code examples for each API. In addition to the code examples, you may download our Postman collection which contains ready to use example API requests.

Next Steps

Once you've made a successful API request, we recommend the following

  1. Review additional API parameters to further customize your API functionality
  2. Review the list of Data Sources available for screening
  3. Review the optional Search Data Fields that can be used for screening

Links and Resources

  • Swagger API Documentation
  • a Postman collection is available to help you get up and running