Data Sources


Below is a complete listing of data sources the Sanctions API screens against. To specify which data source or sources you wish to screen against, include the list code in the source request parameter. For example

"source": ["SDN", "EU", "UK", "UN"]

Lists are refreshed at least every 5 minutes, and some every 2 minutes, to ensure the API is as up to date as possible.

SourceNameCountryTotal RecordsPublish DateDownload Date
SDNOFAC SDNUS15,4022024-06-1806/06/2024 10:18 PM
NONSDNOFAC Consolidated (non-SDN) ListUS4432024-06-1206/06/2024 10:18 PM
DPLUS BIS Denied Persons ListUS6502024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
UNUN Security Council Consolidated SanctionsUN8782024-06-1906/06/2024 10:18 PM
OFSIOffice of Financial Sanctions ImplementationGB5,5212024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
FSFEU Financial Sanctions Files (FSF)EU4,8492024-06-1706/06/2024 10:18 PM
PEPPolitically Exposed Persons (PEP)88,8152024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
DFATAustralian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)AU2,9342024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
FHFAUS FHFA Suspended Counterparty ProgramUS1872024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
SAMUS SAM Procurement ExclusionsUS149,8182024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
HUDHUD Excluded Parties ListingUS62024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
DUAL-USEDual Use Items3,0452024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
SEMACanadian Special Economic Measures Act SanctionsCA4,3662024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
BFSBelgian Financial SanctionsEU3,3872024-06-1906/06/2024 10:18 PM
SECOSwiss SECO Sanctions and EmbargoesCH02024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
MXSATMexican Tax Code Article 69.BMX12,8522024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
LEIEOIG List of Excluded Individuals and EntitiesUS79,8032024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
LFIULithuanian FIU SanctionsEU172024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM
LKTL3932024-06-0606/06/2024 10:18 PM